What's The Best Road No One Has Ever Heard Of?

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A great car deserves a great road. Sometimes knowledge of those roads is passed by word-of-mouth, but the true greats deserve more recognition. What's the best pure driving road that remains a cherished local secret?


My personal test track is tucked back in the hills a good few miles northwest of New York City. The pass from Tuxedo to Greenwood Lake is not very long, but it is a vintage collection of swirling curves and fantastic views. It has some currency among area enthusiasts in the know, but I have no problems presenting it to everyone as a world-class justification for suspension upgrades and as an antidote to Interstate blahs.

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Irving Snapoversteer Washington

Texas Ranch Road 337-E between Leakey and Vanderpool. Hundreds of feet of elevation changes, drop offs, tight curves, and gorgeous scenery. And if you've heard of it, then we probably went to summer camp together.