What's the Best Real World Driver's Car?

We're not talking MTV. Today's Question comes to us from Rust-MyEnemy and it's in reaction to the Bugatti vs. McLaren and K'egg vs. Zonda QOTDs we ran previously:

After looking at the McLaren JFG question, immediately after clicking on "fuck yeah" I was struck by a thought:

What is the best, real-world, drivers fun car?

Which obviously depends on what people class as fun.

The obvious choices to many would be a track-day car; Caterham Se7en, Westfield XTR etc. Or then there are the full-on hoon-mobiles, WRX, EVO, GT-R etc.

Or does it actually have to handle at all? Surely fun doesn't have to be all about lap-times, maybe fun is about reaching the limits? Maybe a Volvo 760 or Jag XJ6 could do it? The bonus here being cheapness and disposability.

My personal choice would be something like a Capri 2.8 or Corolla Levin. Rear wheel drive, a bit of power, a bit of handling, enough of each to make you feel like you're driving a car, to the best of your ability.


We'll just come right out and say it: Mazda Miata. You?

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