What's the best post-apocalyptic vehicle?

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Back in 2008 we put together the best post-apocalyptic vehicles list based on your responses. Three years later and there are both better options and a greater likelihood of imminent zombie attack. What's the best post-apocalyptic vehicle now?


There's no coincidence this timed out with the Jeep Wrangler truck. The Wrangler's go-anywhere, crush-anything attitude makes it a perfect vehicle for dealing with zombies, toxic waste, killer squirrels. And the truck bed just means more space for hauling gear, guns, and other survivors/bait.


However, given a little more choice we might pick the MILSPEC AEV J8 for its turbo-diesel engine and military-spec interior.

What about you? How are you surviving the apocalypse?

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Steal Carrier, Sod/dirt, Seeds. Nuclear reactor good for a while, makes fresh water. Plenty of room for anyone you might want to take and room for a karting track in the lower hanger...