What's The Best Midlife Crisis Car?

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You realize half your life is over. You've worked hard. Maybe too hard. All you've got to show for it is a reasonable house in a reasonable neighborhood with a reasonable interest rate and a reasonable amount of money in your IRA. But have you lived? Time to start draining the money market account and buy something to make up for the loss.

I'm not sure what mid-life is anymore. 40? 50? 55? When scientists put our brains in jars will it matter? Assuming you're a responsible, normal human being I think there's something to be said for a VW Phaeton. It's fast. It's classy. It's relatively cheap. You're buying a Bentley but you're not buying a Bentley.

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Bill Caswell

At least mid life or pre mid-life crisis cars don't have to be expensive. I got this thing for $500.