What's The Best Expedition Vehicle?

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On this day in 1888, the National Geographic Society was founded. For the past 124 years the Society has traveled and mapped the entire planet. Given the urge to explore is far from satisfied, what's the ideal vehicle for an expedition into the unknown?


Jay Shapiro's EcoRoamer has to be one of the most capable land vehicles in the world. With Caterpillar diesel power and the fittings of a nice condo, it will travel to Earth's farthest reaches in comfort and safety. And it does so with a light footprint; the EcoRoamer lives up to its name by running on biodiesel and being made of mostly recycled materials.

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Earthcruiser. Designed and build on a FUSO Chassis (which you can find parts for anywhere) it has a small biodiesel engine, fully self contained deisel APU a high powered water filtration system, 4wd. Small enough to actually get you places (the EcoRoamer is too big for many trails) and fits inside a standard shipping crate for easy earth roaming adventures.