The combination of yesterday's Jalopnik-inspired Gymkhana 3 and the image of Hibino's one-wheeled drift have put is in an over-steering mood. What's your favorite drifting video? The best respondents will get an awesome prize.

What we want to see is the best drifting video on the web. The ten best videos will earn their very own, first-edition "Obama Can't Gymkhana" bumper sticker displayed on the Segway in Gymkhana 3 courtesy of MWRT's own Segway Stuntman. We'll determine the best videos by the number of unique (i.e., not you and not just one other person commenting 20 times) comment replies to the video. So post great vids and vote for your favorites by leaving comments.

If you haven't yet noticed, Nibbles the Server Hamster's been chewing on images. They'll be back up soon, but in the meantime you can post video with no worries. Here's the Gymkhana 3 video again in case you missed it yesterday:

Our standard contest rules apply.

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