What's The Best Diesel Ever Sold In The U.S.?

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With the price of diesel fuel now again below the price of regular gasoline, oil-burners are starting to look more attractive — even older models. Let's help out prospective buyers. What's the best diesel ever sold in the U.S.?


Diesel vehicles keep getting better and so there's a lot to choose from in the current generation. We'll take the BMW 335d Wagon, please, when they offer one here with a stick. In the meantime, it's hard to argue with the diesel Rabbit pickup. Let's see... it's a an El Camino (check), it's German (check), it's available with a stick (check). Sure, it's never going to drive faster than 70 MPH, but it'll never go faster than 70 MPH forever. It's got room for all the people you need, it's got all the bed space you need and it can pull down as much as 45 MPG. Plus, it was made in America at the Westmoreland County, PA plant. Amen.


What say you?

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5.9 Cummins.

Game over.