What's The Best Dashboard?

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Car buyers may claim they're concerned with the outward appearance of a car, but lately they're focusing on what they spend most of their time staring at — the dash. What's the best dashboard?


For us it's a rare tie. As far as kitschy-tech cool, nothing beats the Black Gold Datsun 280ZX. But in terms of current vehicles, nothing tops the Ford Fusion Hybrid for dynamic, accessible and useful display of vehicle information. Each represent ambitious attempts at infusing the latest technology into the driving experience. For the Fusion Hybrid this means their Smartguage LCD display, which has a customizable setup to show MPG, fuel usage and other information. For the Datsun this mean an LED display below the dash displaying information through 25 lines of bright diodes. Buy the Fusion and you've got the best technology of the 21st century. Buy the Datsun and you'll get the best technology of 1979 and the coolness of BLACK GOOOOOLD!

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I've also always liked the '85 Buick Wildcat's cockpit, with curious 0-spoke steering wheel: