What's The Best Car To Take For A Round-The-World Adventure?

If you wanted to explore automotive cultures around the world, what car would you travel in?

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An orange Land Rover Defender parked on a hill.
What car would you pick to cross continents?
Photo: Land Rover

If you’re anything like me, at least once a week you’ll think “people are the worst, I want to get outta here and travel the world in a van.” So, if you could get away from all this, what car would you select for your new nomadic lifestyle?

That’s what we want to uncover today, what are your picks for the best car for traversing the globe?

It’s a question our own David Tracy has asked himself very recently. His answer, unsurprisingly, was an old Jeep. Specifically, he is now working to create the ultimate overlanding adventurer out of a five-speed, manual ZJ Grand Cherokee. But because it’s DT, he’s doing it the hard way and using two discarded parts cars to do it, so he will need to carry out a fair bit of wrenching wizardry along the way.


If you don’t want to venture down that rabbit hole, what other options are out there for your globe-trotting adventure? There are ample off-roaders to choose from, my choice here would be the iconic Land Rover Defender. Or you could elect for something a little smaller for any winding streets you might encounter on your travels. In that case, what about a Fiat Panda?

But maybe you want to travel in some luxury – after all, it’s going to be a long trip. Then, you might opt for something like a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow to showcase your fine tastes to everyone across the globe.

Whatever your travel needs on our fictitious adventure, there’s bound to be a car that meets them. So, what car would you pick for a round the world adventure?

Let us know your best ideas in the comments section below, and we’ll round up some of the best later on today.