Photo credit BMW
Photo credit BMW
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Since cars span so many eras and were designed, thought up and created by so many different people, it’s inevitable that there would be many little secrets and nuggets of knowledge hidden away in them.

I’m not just looking for model-specific secrets either. Is there a certain car that you know about that’s secretly an incredible off-roader or a superb driver’s car? Hidden quirks or switches that only you and other owners know about? Or—the Shangri-La of gearheads—a secret, great driving road?


For example, according to Jalopnik boss Patrick George, under the plastic panels inside a BMW E30, there were little hand cranks for the windows and sunroof in case the motors failed. I’m sure other cars of that era did that, too, but that’s a cool little piece of information.

What’s the best car secret that you know?

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