What's The Best Car Part For A Baby Name?

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I've recently met parents who feel paralyzed about making decisions for their child. Which school should they go to? Should they eat all-natural, or only organic? And is Dora the Explorer evil? But the biggest decision of all you can make for them is the name they are bestowed with.


Earlier this week we learned that Josh Duhamel, who is in pictures, and Fergie, who sings songs, had a baby that they named Axl Jack. Now that's a fine name for any Jalop, if I do so say myself. But when AutomatchTom posed this question the other night, the best I could come up with was Wankel. Now granted, I was in the middle of the Bacon Tour of New York, so my brain was a bit salt-addled, and I didn't mean to name anyone's first born after a murderous nut who wanted to kill all of my people. Plus, if your kid was named Wankel (pronounced with a "V") I'm pretty sure he or she would probably get beat up on the playground, a lot.


But let's say you do want to name your kid after car parts, because you have nothing else really going on in your life or your family or you're Josh Duhamel. What name would you give it? Let us know below in the comments!

Photo credit: Wikicommons