Pitchfork is doing their Top 200 Tracks of the 1990s list and trying to decide where the "The Humpty Dance" ranks next to "Summer Babe" has us in a Clinton-era nostalgic mood. What's the best car of the 1990s?

After much heated debate, we'll take the advice of the Postfather and select the GMC Typhoon. There are a lot more obvious answers, but it's clearly the "Regulators" of cars, offering everything you'd want in an approachable package. It's not the fastest car of the 1990s, it's not the most expensive, and its not the most attractive. But it's still exceptionally fast, incredibly affordable for the performance, and hot in its own way. It's the best of the '90s because in the '90s we thought we could have it all and the Typhoon was pretty close. Will also accept the Syclone.

Since we've gotten the obvious answer out of the way, what do you think?

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Photo Credit: Grant_Subaru