What's The Best Car No One Bought?

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Dan Neil said the 2010 Buick LaCrosse is "an American Lexus" but despite that, The Detroit News' Scott Burgess wins the insight cake, saying it's "the best car no one will buy." Maybe. What's the best car no one bought?

The Volkswagen Corrado and its many iterations was one car we truly liked the general buying public didn't. Sure there's a big following, but people were not willing to fork over the cash for the platform. In various trims the Corrado could be had as an attractive hatch all the way up to the powerful-for-the-time 180 HP VR6 trim. It was quicker than a Porsche 944, handled better than your average FWD vehicle, and looked incredibly German. It was quirky, fun, had a hatch and was therefore mostly unloved enough to get canned. it did so poorly they'll probably never bring the Scirocco over here.


That's what we're pining after but there are numerous other vehicles we could have listed. What's your favorite commercially unsuccessful car?

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VeeArrrSix now powered by FA20F

Jetta IV TDI. They only sold 400 in California that year before CARB banned them. The most fun you could have with 90 HP. I still miss that car, but walked away from a head on with a Camry. RIP buddy!