What's the best car for hoon training?

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You know the old adage, hoons aren't made, they're born. Or are they wrung out of sheetmetal and lubricants? Actually, next to Amway reps, hoons (or h'oons) are among the most self-taught individuals on the planet. What's the best car for hoon training?

This question comes from Barry, who writes,

I have a selfish suggestion for a Question Of The Day. I would like to see some suggestions on the best Hoon Trainer. It has to be less than $5k, RWD, Manual Trans, enough power to get stupid, easy to work on, and have cheap and available replacement parts.


Barry, there's one answer for us. Used 5.0 Mustang. Nuff said.

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Morris Minor. Especially on crossply tires. The handlings so wayward I think you never actually point straight yet it's so predictable and slow you have time to learn about oversteer/understeer/drifting/etc.