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Yesterday we brought you the tale of a road warrior who has done three times the distance to the moon in about five years. His Civic may be capable, but there are definitely other viable means to racking up incredible mileage. What's the best car for driving about two hundred thousand miles a year?


If you're spending that much time on the road, the biggest priorities become clear in a hurry: Stressless operation. Intelligent comfort. Decent economy. Protection from an outside world of bad drivers and deer. Really, really good seats. The Volvo S80 may not put up much of a fight against an M5 on a track, but for the long haul there is probably no more soothing and supportive environment available. Volvo chairs remain the industry standard, the stereo system is fantastic, and the car all but verbally encourages long thoughtful drives. In a world of speed limits and clumsy traffic, it excels.

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(Hat tip to baldheadeddork for the idea!)

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