What's The Best Car For A Long Road Trip?

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This week, my fancy lady and I undertook the seven hour drive from Austin to the artsy, cool-restaurant-having West Texas town of Marfa. We went in her Sentra instead of my WRX for two reasons: her gas is cheaper, and her car didn't have a busted power steering pump like mine. Not as much fun, though.


Long drives give a man plenty of time to do some thinking. And here's what I wondered throughout our journey from the Hill Country into the desert: what is the best car to take on a lengthy road trip?

If you ask me, something big, powerful, luxurious and preferably Teutonic is the way to go. The Germans cruise up and down the autobahn at insane speeds all day long, and they do it in incredible comfort. I found myself wishing I had something like an Audi A8 or S5 or even a BMW 750Li for the trip.


I wanted something with a lot of room, a relatively smooth ride and a huge engine that I could unwind on those endless, mostly cop-free highway roads. I wouldn't give a rat's ass about fuel economy if I was packing that kind of power either.

What would you guys drive if you were going to be stuck in a car for hours at a time?

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Jonathan Harper

BMW 550i GT. Yeah I said it.