We live in an amazing time. Our forefathers had to brave human contact and fresh air to retrieve large cartridges of magnetic tape if they wanted to watch the movie of their choice. Now you can stream almost any film you want without having to put down your chalupa. So what's the best car film streaming online right now?

To keep this fair and somewhat free, you can do any film that's on YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime. Anything you have to pay for individually doesn't count. Please include where the film is.

I'm going to throw out a fun one, although maybe not the best in terms of car chases. Tokyo Drifter shouldn't be confused for Tokyo Drift and doesn't have as much action, but the mix of post-war Japanese and American muscle as well as Seijun Suzuki's sometimes hilarious, sometimes brutal direction makes this a must watch.