What's The Best Bad Car For A Roadtrip?

We've done the Worst Car For A Roadtrip and the Best Car For A Roadtrip, but Travis' Adventador Wedding Adventure got me thinking. What's the best bad car for a roadtrip?


A Lamborghini Aventador is absolutely terrible for a roadtrip, because it sucks gas and it has no cargo space and it's probably a bit uncomfortable over very long drives on rutted American roads, but at the same time it is amazing for a roadtrip, because Lamborghini. Travis made a great point the other day about why Lamborghinis are just so much fun over long distances:

But the more important part is that those trips become even more memorable than they'd already be. You have to be creative with how you pack to fit everything in the car. You have to find ways to compensate for the car's imperfections that you might not have thought of. You'll be annoyed. You'll get angry.

Call me sadistic, but I think that makes it even more fun. This time I really wanted a challenge, and I think the Aventador will give that to me. It has 5.3 cubic feet of luggage space for two people, and I've decided not to ship anything ahead. It's nearly eight feet wide. It drinks gas like Barney Gumble guzzles Duff. It doesn't have the ingredients of an awesome road trip car, which is what makes it the perfect one for me.

I'm hoping to take a long distance roadtrip myself in the near future, and I love a car that isn't boring. This one takes a little creativity then, and you will have to explain yourself to make it onto the next round, but which car would be the most awesomely terrible for a long, long drive?

Photo credit Axion 23

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