What's The Best Automotive GIF?

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Graphics Interchange Format files — GIFs — are the equivalent of margin doodles on the Web, and like those adolescent scribbles they can be alternately hilarious, freakish, or small works of pure art. A car in motion is a perfect subject for a GIF, but sometimes this silent super-short movie format can be exploited to other ends. What's your favorite automotive GIF?

See something good once and you get a quick "Whuh-WOW!" See it a second time in a row and that thought evolves to "Whoa, what's happening here?" See it a few times and you get to study, to pay attention to details, to think about the setting — like Ayrton Senna almost holding off Nigel Mansell as sparks fly and two cars silently scream down a straight, their drivers all but willing them to go faster. Watch it over and over and it will never be less than thrilling.

Quick technical note: You will have to keep your entries on the short side; Nibbles doesn't like more than about 2 MB at a time. Oh, and if you're just going to post a five-year-old sliding a Mustang kiddie car, save the effort and bandwidth, okay?


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