We love it when one car company goes for another company's throat. Competition's a good thing, usually leading to better cars. Also, it's just plain fun. What's the best auto brand slap fight?

Personally, we believe the Ferrari v. Ford showdown of the middle-20th century is one of the seminal events in automaker history and unbelievably entertaining. In the early part of the 1960s Henry Ford II was set to buy Ferrari to increase the company's racing acumen and take advantage of Enzo Ferrari's financial issues. There was no way Enzo was going to actually let Ford buy Ferrari but, by letting Hank II put down lotsa moolah, he could make other automakers raise their bids for Ferrari. It worked.

Understandably, Ford was furious and vowed revenge. The company was going to beat the Italians at their own game. They were going to win the 24 Hours of Lemans. And the car? Why it would be the original GT40. Not only did this slap fight lead to an exciting bit of history and some exciting racing and a freaking awesome car.

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Photo Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images]