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News of the 2010 Lotus Eagle, and Wes' expert analysis got us thinking about the 2+2, a truly gentleman's sports car. Most importantly, what's the best 2+2?


For the social driver, a 2+2 offers the chance to kindly offer a ride to two more friends, though the lack of space means they'll almost certainly not take you up on it. Examples range from the cute MGB-GT to the sexy Lamborghini Urraco.

Some would include the Maserati Gran Turismo S, but we think that's on the GT side of the 2+2/GT divide. If an adult can survive more than one hour in the backseat it's probably a GT. It goes without saying that it'll be hard to top the Subaru Brat, which is the only Camino-ized 2+2. But what's the best?


[Photo: Lambo Blog]

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