What's Something You've Always Wanted to Know About Cars, But Were Afraid to Ask?

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Cars are complex and fascinating machines, especially now that they’re getting more and more advanced. With that in mind, you can know a lot about one aspect about a car but remain completely clueless about others. Now’s the time to ask.


There’s no shame in not knowing something about a car. It’s a vast topic that offers a variety of different things to learn about and discuss. There just isn’t enough time under the sun to cover it all to its fullest extent. But if you don’t ask, then how will you learn?

Also, keep in mind that you likely aren’t the only one with an unanswered question about a car. Sometimes, through talking, you discover a whole new thing about a car that you never knew. For example, I didn’t know what tramlining was up until very recently.

Perhaps you’ve wondered about the phenomenon of dog-tracking, how toy cars are made or why you can’t unlock a car at the same time that someone is trying to open it. Maybe you want to know what compression ratio is once and for all and what the hell dual overhead camshafts are. All of these are very valid questions that people have asked.

Query away in the comments. Let’s lean on this weird, giant community of ours and spread the knowledge.

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