What's Next For This Barn Find Vintage Aston Martin?

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It's no secret that barn finds are currently in favor with car collectors, but once a car is unearthed after a lengthy storage the question becomes what to do with the car.

Judging by the fact this Aston Martin DB2/4 brought $94,770 at last weekend's Bonhams auction in Greenwich, CT for the second time in less than a year it appears at least one buyer wasn't sure exactly how to answer that question.

As Hemmings explains, when this car sold in Monterey last August for $87,750 it had been recently unearthed after being in storage since the mid-1970s. Up until the time the DB2/4 was put into a garage in Malibu, Ca it had been serving daily driver duty for its third owner. It was somewhat unexpected when it was announced the car would sell again after a few brief months at the Greenwich sale.


If Bonhams knows exactly why the car went up for sale again in the same condition so quickly, they aren't saying. The auction company attributed the quick turnaround to a simple "change of heart" on behalf of the owner. It would seem from the $94,770 selling price this car's second auction appearance in less than a year didn't scare away any bidders or hurt the value of the car.

Like most of the interesting barn finds we come across we can only wonder exactly what's next for this Barn Find Aston Martin. We don't know whether this Aston Martin will undergo a full restoration, be preserved in its current state or return to the auction block when its new owner has a similar "change of heart".

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