What's It Like To Race A Motorcycle-Engined Geo Metro?

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We were all shocked by the Honda CBR900RR-powered Geo Metro that won the 24 Hours Of LeMons, nearly as much as we were shocked by the fact that its scary-ass chain drive didn't kill anyone.

Now LeMons Supreme Court Justice Lieberman has found a great in-car video made by the maniacs that took the checkered flag in the Metro Gnome. It's got echo-y flashbacks, 9,000 RPM upshifts, and- repeatedly- the sight those of us at Thunderhill saw all weekend: the little red Metro somehow avoiding chain failure and/or getting squashed like a bug by a Crown Vic… and passing everything on the track. Here t'is:

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Rob Emslie

The awesomeness of this video makes me yearn for more, and no longer lament the fact that the still-born Top Gear USA was going to be a steaming pile of hobo crap.

I did find the disembodied, and be-wigged head of Loveabeer, floating into frame unexpectedly, to be a bit disquieting, and may suffer from night terrors hence.

BTW: That last "pass" was hoonerific.

Good job guys.