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Today's question comes to us by way of John C. He has a no doubt lovely wife and a triple-hopped up 2003 WRX. Only issue is, the wife is making him get rid of the boy racer Scoobie in favor of something more sensible, something more grown up. John wants to know what is available to him for less than $30,000. He's thinking a G35. But I want to expand the question. I personally would love a retractable hard top Miata as my daily driver, only, you know – it's teeny. And while the trunk is decent for a teeny convertible, it still pales in comparison to the junk-swallowing capabilities of ye old WRX Sport Wagon. So, even though this is my second WRX snatchback in a row, I 'd be much happier with a Miata, a diesel F250 and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The poor Swiss Army knife-ish WRX has to fill in for all three. My car's fantastic, but it's still a compromise. What's your painful reality garage like?

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