We got an email this morning from a reader, Joseph, who sent in the pics of the above car, a Toyota Tercel with some welded square-section tube structure mounted to the front bumper, and wrote this:

Walking to my car in the college parking lot and then this Toyota caught my eye, i was completely astounded at the foolishness. I've seen some other stupid things in the college parking lot but nothing touches this.

Now, I'm delighted that Joseph sent this in, but I'm not sure I agree that it's just "foolishness." This looks too specific, too purposeful, like it's there so the car can do some kind of job. I thought maybe pushing dumpsters around, but Joseph didn't think it was likely a student would own a dumpster shover.

I'm not so sure. I still think this is a cheap vehicle purchased and modified to do some kind of specific task. One that I think involves pushing.

I suppose it's also possible the owner is just a huge fan of 60s-era Moskovitch rally cars:


So, I'm opening it up ā€” any of you clever Jalops know what the hell a rig like this would be used for?