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Henry Ford envisioned the Model T as a vehicle for the working man. Now his company's trucks come from the factory with the ability to find the nearest Thai restaurant. What's a working man to drive these days?


The used car is a popular option, and I blame no one for selecting something older. Still, after working the line all day and unironically drinking coffee out of a Thermos, a working man should be able to buy a new car or truck. Ideally, that vehicle should be a Ford Ranger. Sure, it's not as powerful or as large as its competition. For that matter, it doesn't really have competition, as all the other trucks have moved out of the compact space. But no matter — it's rear-wheel-drive, it comes with roll up windows and a manual transmission, and it's honest. Should you have an iPhone with which to stream the Johnny Cash Pandora station, you can play it through your truck's stereo via a little aux in jack on the radio.

It's getting to be that most people don't function without their fancy Internet phones, but there are those who still live without Bluetooth and Blackberries. What should they drive?


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