What's A Sign That You're Actually A Bad Driver?

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You tend to think you're doing everything right on the road, yet you're getting honked at and can see other drivers are pissed at you all the time. What's a sign that you're actually a bad driver?

One thing that I know irks me is not understanding who has the right of way at an intersection. For example, yesterday I was driving behind someone in my town when we came to a red light. When the light turned green, the person didn't go. I waited a solid 10 seconds before a light tap on the horn to just remind them what the light meant.

Instead, they stayed stopped and signaled for someone to cross the street. Now, I'm all for yielding to people in crosswalks, but at an intersection with a light, the people only have the right of way when the crossing signal is illuminated. Signaling them to go when cars are lined up behind you is inconsiderate to fellow drivers and inconsiderate to the walker, since they now have to rush and could be hit by a car coming the other way. It's a situation where being overly courteous becomes an inconvenience for everyone. I believe this over courteousness stems from a lack of confidence behind the wheel.


What do you think?

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