What's A Good Car For Smuggling?

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Using a car for smuggling goods is a concept almost as old as the car itself. Here in America, the NASCAR series has its roots in bootleggers running from the police with their illicit products. Bootleggers drove small street vehicles that were souped up to outrun the cops. That makes me think, what would be a good car to smuggle stuff in today?


Smugglers are pretty crafty nowadays. Vehicles get modified so illicit products could be hidden in door panels, behind secret doors, or even where airbags used to be. But what about the car itself?

I’d say go with something extremely low key. Forget sportscars or really anything that would stick out. Cram all of the goods into a beige family sedan. Think about it. Your car will blend in wherever you drive. You’ll be lucky if anyone can even identify the car further than “beige sedan. With this car, you won’t be outrunning cops so much as sneaking right by under the radar.

Sedans still have a lot of space inside, too. Cram your goods into various compartments, wheel wells, doors, or even under the seats if you need to. Of course, should you need to get somewhere quickly, some nondescript sedans have optional engines with more than enough power.

We are not the police. Go ahead and tell us the cars you think would be great for smuggling. Maybe tell us about the car your “friend” uses to move bottles of delicious Malort to a different state. 

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Get a big ol’ Kenworth with an outlandish western scene painted on the trailer. Then use a 77 Trans Am Special Edition to run blocker. Keep in touch via CB to avoid those Smokeys. Then get Eastbound and down.