What Aftermarket Upgrade Should Be Available From The Factory?

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What’s your favorite mod to do on any vehicle you buy — an upgrade that the automaker should have made before even sending the car to showrooms?


One of the first mods that I do to any car or motorcycle is upgrading its headlights. It blows my mind that you can still buy a new car that has barely adequate headlights. While some automakers are finally changing out their weak sauce headlights for better illumination, it’s odd to see cars with edgy, modern designs fitted with older headlight tech that barely brightens the road ahead. It’s a problem that safety experts have been nagging automakers about for a while.

This is an area where the aftermarket still excels. You can get aftermarket projector housings and LED headlight kits for many cars and motorcycles. The hardware has gotten so cheap that it makes me wonder why every new car doesn’t already come with projector headlights at minimum.

Another mod that I’d love to see in every new car is adjustable throttle response. Some cars offer a selection of throttle responses built-in, part of a “sport driving mode. For others, you have to go to the aftermarket. It’s amazing how these can make even an econobox at least feel a bit more sporty.

What mods do you think should come in every car? Are there any mods that should never make it to OEM?

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Automatic headlights AND synchronization of the exterior lights and the windshield wipers.

Are the windshield wipers on? If so, turn the lights on. If the wipers are off, lights default to whatever the $0.10 light sensor dictates.

That’s all I’m asking for!