What You Learn Washing A Ford GT

(Image: AMMO NYC/YouTube)
(Image: AMMO NYC/YouTube)

There are people who wash cars, and then there’s Larry Kosilla, who nerds out on the intricacies of detailing harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. Watching him comb through anything is interesting, especially if it’s a $500,000 Ford GT.

Here we have Kosilla visiting Barry Meguiar’s house, the very same Meguiar whose name is on thousands of car cleaning products on shelves across the country, to see how the guy’s personal staff detailer takes care of his brand new supercar.


The short answer is: “very thoroughly.” Meguiar’s guy Derek Bemiss goes to the length of first leaf-blowing and power-washing the ground upon which the GT will be cleaned before even starting on the car, to give you an idea of what we’re getting into.

There are some good cleaning tips in this video, like “don’t rub the paint too hard,” but mostly I just enjoyed the clips comparing and contrasting the new and old (mid-2000s, not 1960s) Ford GTs. The detail close-ups are cool, too.

Amazingly, it looks like Kosilla is going to stretch this cleaning session out to a multi-video series so if you want to get even deeper into the pores of this car you’re going to get the chance.

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Some car-washing tips the experts will never tell you:

  • If your car doesn’t like being washed, try using warm water. You don’t like cold showers either, do you?
  • No matter how careful you are, the soap you use when you wash your car can dry out the paint and cause it to become flaky and irritated. A good moisturizing lotion will help prevent this. Unfortunately, nobody really makes car-lotion, but the people kind works just fine.
  • Mounting your car in a giant rotisserie makes it much easier to clean the undercarriage.
  • It’s common knowledge that toothbrushes can be very useful when detailing your car, but most people just stop there. To do a really thorough job, it’s important to floss too.
  • The whole job will be much easier if your car is relaxed. Try singing to your car as you clean it, and you might be amazed what a difference it makes.