Some may not know I worked for Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Tomorrow night's a reunion of sorts and I'm driving from NYC to Michigan to attend. Forget high school reunions — what would you drive to your Governor's Office reunion?

I've been gone from politics for almost five years now, but I'm excited for a chance to go back and see my former colleagues at a small party (as much of a party as is possible given Michigan's budget crisis — we've been told to expect neither food or drink) in the Governor's Offices in the Romney Building across from the Capitol in Lansing, MI. We'll be gathered to watch the Governor's last State of the State address. I'll be driving in from New York and although I've already chosen the car — heck, some of you may already know what it is — I'll be driving, I've got to ask you, the commentariat, what would you drive to your Governor's Office reunion?

The rules are simple — it's got to wear a green halo (meaning token environmentalism, like a hybrid), but also give off an air of success and, you know, not be uncomfortable for a 600+ mile drive. Also, given these rules, it's still got to be the most Jalopnik choice possible.

Also, no, I'm not telling you what I drove to my high school reunion... yet.

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