We've dished out a lot of criticism of celebrity cars lately, including dueling matte black convertibles and creepy fire engines. But walk a mile in another man's Bertuli shoes and answer this: what would you drive if you were famous?


Because most of us are rather subtle and prefer our privacy, we'd like something that says "obnoxiously well-healed" without screaming "look at meeeee!" Performance is a must, but everyone these days is trolling around in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Luxury is also important because, if we've done whatever we've done to become famous, we want to enjoy the Alcantara fruits of our labor. Therefore, we'd pull a Paul Newman and go with a sleeper wagon.

Though everyone focuses on the V8 Volvo wagons, we're partial to his 1988 Volvo 745GLE Grand National. That's right, it's got a Grand National turbo V6 in a comfortable, yuppie wagon. It's stealthy, powerful, luxurious and unique — just like we will be.

How about you? How will you blow all your pre-DUI celeb money?

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