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What Would You Do With This Wrecked 2014 Corvette?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Are you looking for the most affordable way into the high-powered sports car game? You're in luck, because the best deal in America today (other than these ones), the C7 Corvette, just got a lot cheaper.

Ok, so it has some slight damage and technically it's listed as "This vehicle is not ready for sale." Sure it was hit on the driver's side and sure it doesn't run and sure an insurance auto auction isn't the place to go looking for your newest car but who cares? The possiblities are endless! Drift 'Vette! Rally 'Vette! Lifted Baja 'Vette!


And whoever buys this thing and strips it down to look something like this will stay in my heart forever.

You can find the whole IAA Detroit listing right here. What would you do with this Stingray?


(Hat tip to Nicholas!)