Porsche purists are the kinds of pedantic people that will only date someone if they can name every '70s 911 model in chronological order, and pronounce "Fuchs" without giggling. Clearly to them, this Porsche 911 Targa project would be a nauseating sacrilege. But we know better. What would you do with this cheap Porsche roller?

This 2002 Porsche 911 is actually a pretty rare find because of its retractable sliding glass targa top. It's one of the coolest additions to the 911 line since the flat-6 engine. But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that this 911 has no engine in it, but does have a 6-speed manual transmission and drivetrain. With this gaping hole in the powerband, you'd need to fill it with something. Why not have that something be batshit insane?

As the auction's title suggests, it's a perfect donor for an LS conversion. For the newbies, an LS is a GM-made V8 engine, ranging from the Corvette engine to some of the bigger displacement truck engines. They can make as much power as a 911 turbo without the complexity of forced induction, and they're ridiculously easy to work on. Parts for the conversion are readily available and you'll be pissing off Porsche purists all over the country for years to come.


I'm not sure of any modern Porsche for under this price with this much of its drivetrain still intact. It wouldn't be a great opportunity for a flip, but it could be an absolutely epic project. Do a front end conversion to 997 spec, get an LS7 in the back, and put some RWB rear fenders on it. Have the ultimate hoon mobile for the price of a hatchback. At this price, it's worth the gamble.

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