The F40 is one of the most iconic cars Ferrari ever made, and it sounds as great as it looks. Most of us can't afford the whole car, so here's just the 471 hp twin-turbo Tipo F120A V8 engine and transmission for sale. What race car would you stuff these into?

Given the number of poor Fieros that have been modified (poorly) over the years to look like Ferraris, you may be inclined to think that "Fiero" is the obvious answer. However, the Fiero's stock curb weight is 2,593 lbs at its lightest compared to the lithe, low F40's 2,400. Power-to-weight ratio is important in racing, and quite frankly, the venerable Fiero would be a downgrade.


Sure, a heavier car would make the F40 lump easier for mere mortals to handle, but this is Hypothetical F40-Powered Race Car Fun Time. There is no sense; only passion, soul, emotion, and all those other buzzwords we'd steal from Ferrari's marketing department. Oh, and a complete disconnect from reality. Let's not forget that, either.

So, with that, I feel as if something lighter and more willing to kill you would be a better choice, not to mention more faithful to this engine and transmission's intended home.


I feel as if perhaps one of the worst cars ever made would be one of the best racecars for a full F40 engine and transmission swap. I'm talking, of course, about the Trabant.

The Trabi's biggest weakness is its somewhat dangerous, antiquated drivetrain. Engines and drivetrains are best kept behind the driver, too, if you're going to go road racing with it.

When all of the oily, smoky bits are swapped out for something more powerful, East Germany's plastic fantastic creation goes like stink.


That seems like a perfectly reasonable use of a new-old-stock spare F40 engine and transmission to me: a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive road racing Trabant Kombi. (It has to be the Kombi—more space, and we love wagons.)

This engine and transmission are for sale as a package here, for $229,500.

What would you do with these if you have $229,500 burning a hole in your pocket? Build the ultimate drag-racing Nash Metropolitan? Figure out a way to stuff it into a SCCA Solo2 XP Miata? Make the world's best sounding track Zonda? One-up Glickenhaus and design a completely new trackbeast around it?


Show us in the comments below!

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