What Would These Common Automotive Phrases Be Euphemisms For?

Cars, like almost anything people are interested in, have their own particular jargon and language. And, lots of these words and phrases might sound like they should mean other things. You know, like euphemisms. So let’s have some fun here.

I’m going to list ten fairly common phrases you might hear if you spend any time around cars, car people, people cars, peoars, carple, or people who like cars. Your job is to come up with what these phrases might mean, euphemistically. Sound fun? Well, try it anyway!


1. Synchronize the carbs

2. Learn how to heel-toe

3. Tranny grinds whenever I move the stick

4. The camshaft will have to be re-ground

5. Running lean burns valves

6. Replace everything from the cat back

7. Thick exhaust means running rich

8. Doing donuts in the wet

9. Understeering into a turn

10. It cranks but won’t turn over

No one says they have to be dirty, but, you know, do whatever’s fun.

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