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German political philosopher Karl Marx, born 182 years ago today, argued all history is a battle between the classes and is the father of communism. If he were alive today, what would Karl Marx drive?


On Karl Marx's tombstone it reads "Workers Of All Lands Unite," which makes us think a car built by organized labor is something that might appeal to Karl. After fathering seven kids he's also gonna need space, so no Mercedes convertibles for this guy — also it's hard to rep the proletariat in something with heated seats. According to the UAW, a used Chrysler Sebring is a union-built vehicle. It's also so bad it almost acts like a hair shirt for America's culture of consumption. If you're the original Marxist can you rail against the bourgeoisie if you enjoy driving their cars? Nope. And no one enjoys driving a Sebring.

Jalopniks of all lands unite and answer this QOTD.

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