What Would Be Your Forever Car?

Is there a car you can see yourself holding onto for the rest of time?

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A sporty red Volvo 850 R station wagon in a field
What would you pick as your forever car?
Photo: Volvo

Today, everything is designed to be obsolete eventually. Your phone will be outdated within a year, the windows on your house will need updating for something more efficient, and even your car will be replaced with a new model almost every year. But what if instead of always replacing these things, you held onto them forever?

With this in mind, is there a car out there that you think you could buy and hold onto forever, or is there an example where you’ve done just that? This is what we want to find out today.


Your forever car doesn’t have to be something powerful and exotic, but one NSX owner proved this week that such cars can make excellent daily drivers. It can instead be a beloved machine that you’d be happy to care for and keep running no matter what it takes.

Personally, I think I’d like to hold onto a Volvo 850 R forever.

What’s not to love about the 850 R? It’s a big Volvo wagon with space for everything a normal person needs to fit in back of a car. And it comes with bucket seats so you feel like a race car driver whenever you’re popping out to get groceries. Oh, and it also packs in a 2.3-liter engine that kicks out 240hp and can propel the 3,000-lb wagon up to 150mph.


On top of that, it’s also arguably one of the best looking Volvo’s produced, in a lineage of pretty stylish station wagons. Its lowered, aggressive stance, and big rear spoiler make it stand out in any crowd. I’d be happy to keep this monster running as long as possible.

But what other cars would you hold onto for life? We want to hear what you would pick as your forever car. Let us know in the comments below.