Ever since that special Jalopnik supermagic happened and recovered my stolen car, we've been trying to feature more stolen cars in hopes of getting them recovered, too. One we featured today struck me as an especially odd choice for a car to steal: a non-running black Delorean.


I mean, I get the appeal of a strange car like a super-low-mileage black-painted Delorean, but I can't think of a worse car to steal. It's not self-motile, it's incredibly rare, one of the few cars almost anyone can easily ID, and even if it was perfect it wouldn't be worth all that much, really.

So what was the plan here? Did somebody really want this killing grass in their backyard? Because there's no way this thing could be sold, or even driven around, without the jackass who stole it getting caught. I don't get it.

So, what would be even worse? Trabant that runs, but is filled with rotting horsemeat? Maserati Biturbo painted in bacon grease and riding on three donut spares? Let's hear it.

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