What Would A Chip Ganassi Ford GT Look Like?

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It's widely accepted that Ford has taken the 3.5L turbo V6 from the Chip Ganassi Daytona Prototype and stuffed it in a road car to make the Ford GT. Chief Engineer Jamal Hameedi admitted as such yesterday. So, here's what the Ford GT would look like in Ganassi's DP livery.


It is, of course, photoshopped as a GTLM car—just in case it goes to Le Mans. Ford's still playing race program info keep-away with us, but how could it not?

Here's what Jamal Hameedi had to say to Hot Rod, where he's like, pssshyeeeah, it's totally a DP engine:

HRM: Why did you choose to go with the Ecoboost V6 instead of a V8? Don't you think people are going to joke that it's just a truck engine?

JH: The 3.5 is the engine we've been running in the Daytona Prototype class with Ganassi. It won Sebring, Long Beach. A lot of what we did in DP last year is in this engine. It's very efficient power, plus the packaging size allows for the body design. If you see the GT from above, you'll see the fuselage tapers in. You need a compact engine. I'm pretty confident that when you sit in it, you won't be thinking about trucks.

That sure lends a bit more credibility to the rumors about Chip Ganassi running the GTLM and LM GTE entries, doesn't it?

This photoshop posted by Sportscar365 was done by C. Cristobal Jr., who is now the proud winner of one Internet.


A full Ford factory effort run by Ganassi wouln't need that extensive Target branding.

Am i the only one that thinks

DP/engine development in TUSCC + V8SC => GTE program in both WEC and TUSCC ?