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Packard moved out 50 years ago, after their merger with Studebaker. But the headquarters and plant in Detroit still stand. The city calls the site, with its proximity to rail, ripe for redevelopment, but mostly, it just sits forlornly with a total of twelve employees to fill its nearly 4 million square feet of space. Meanwhile, the City's laid claim to the site, but is tied up in court with others who claim to own the property. When we see stuff like this, it genuinely bums us out, as Detroit has some truly amazing buildings that are ripe for urban renewal. Meanwhile, they sit unoccupied and crumbling. The Detroit Free Press has the story, as well as a short video doc on the plant. [Thanks to Pete for the tip.]

Link to the past left to rot away; A tour of the Packard plant [Detroit Free Press]

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