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As another year draws to a close, we want to know what happened in your part of the automotive world over the past 365 days. Whether you bought or sold a car, finally hit the track, made big progress on your project cars or just did what you could to keep your daily driver running— we want to know about it. What were your personal automotive accomplishments in 2011?


2011 was a year of mixed automotive successes and failures for me. A couple months into the year I sold the Bumble Bee Valiant after losing the necessary storage to complete my 360 swap (it found a good home and is currently waiting to get a new slant dropped into it).


After almost buying a few very nice Euro-converted hot rod E28s, I came across a amazing deal on a low mileage 2002 Camaro I couldn't resist. Mullet jokes aside, I spent the rest of the year reinforcing my sincere belief that the fun to cost ratio of a Ls1/6 speed F-Body is hard to beat.

For another year my 1998 4runner ran flawlessly with nothing but basic maintenance even after a summer spent idle. Same goes for my 1967 International Scout which hit the road every sunny day (no top) from April to October in an extremely successful manner.

Unfortunately things were not so sunny in the world of my beloved 1957 Plymouth. Battling a severe lack of time to spend in the garage combined with a string of mechanical issues that need to be addressed I put the car in storage in July—a decision I still feel guilty about. To the cars credit, right before it went into storage I took it on an 280 mile highway trip at an average speed of about 80 MPH during which it performed flawlessly. I've sworn to myself next year will be the year of the Plymouth's return to the road—even if I have to break down and pay someone else to get it sorted out.


I've told you about my year in cars, what were your personal automotive accomplishments in 2011?

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