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Tesla Fires: What We Know, And What We Need To Find Out — Green Car Reports


A predictably smart piece from our predictably smart friend John Voelcker.

There have now been three separate fires among roughly 20,000 Tesla Model S electric luxury sedans on the world's highways.

The most recent one, two days ago, seems to have set off a fresh round of Internet fulmination—combined with much opining on what the news would do to the falling stock price of Tesla Motors.

So let's pull together all the facts, and sort out what we know from what we still need to find out.


The real Vettel — Motorsport

A great inside look at one of the great F1 drivers of this generation.

There's no fanfare when Sebastian Vettel turns up for a press conference to celebrate his fourth world title: he's slightly late, because fog delayed his touchdown at Cranfield, but slips in almost unnoticed wearing Red Bull jacket and jeans.


10 things to know about visiting Detroit — CNN

Our own Aaron Foley is on CNN. Check it out.

Detroit is a place whose story is often told by the numbers. It was home to 2 million residents at its peak, but now the city is down to roughly 700,000. And all of those residents live in a 139-square-mile city grappling with millions of dollars in debt that led the city to file for bankruptcy.


Neal Pollack: I Won Big on Jeopardy! — New York Observer

Friend of Jalopnik Neal Pollack won big on Jeopardy! Here's how.

I was on Jeopardy!, and I was going to lose. Not only that, but it looked like I was going to lose epically, disastrously, as bad as Wolf Blitzer had, but even worse, because I wasn't playing for charity. This had the potential to be one of the worst Jeopardy! performances of all time.