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At my high school, the student lot was reserved for the seniors. If you had your license and a car when you were a junior, you were to park on the street. And let me tell you: that senior lot was more than exciting enough.

My car got hit twice there. Once, when my neighbor was pulling into her spot and she swiped the side of my car. The second was when I was turning into my spot and was hit from behind by a guy who looked down for a split second.


Another accident happened where one student, late for class, came rushing down the aisle and hit another who was backing out. Another guy came out one day and found that his cracked bumper had been stuffed with bagels. It got so bad that, midway through the year, the school got sick of all the crashes and posted a cop at the end of the lot to make sure people stopped being idiots.

I’m sure a lot of high school parking lots were like that. I’m also sure that many others were different.

Was your high school parking lot a dangerous crucible of hot-headed, new drivers? Or was it a place where people hung out before and after school?

Tell me about yours.

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