What Was Your First Experience With Too Much Power?

Image credit: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift
Image credit: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Cars, they have the power. Sometimes too much power.

As young gearheads, I feel like all of us have had that one shining moment when we finally got to floor The Fast Car that belonged to our neighbor/dad/sister/brother/mom/gym teacher.


We heard the engine roar, we heard the revs sing and we got that first adrenaline rush that proved to be dangerously addicting.

But was it ever too much at one point? Too powerful for the roads? Too fast for the cops? Too much car for you? Too fast as well as too furious?

Tell us your stories about glorious, terrifying excess.

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Well there was this one time with a flashing warning that said “danger to manifold” and then the floor fell out.