What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Rebooted Top Gear?


Series 23 of Top Gear is over after six episodes. Chris Evans is gone. Chris Harris and Rory Reid are the stand-out favorites. Matt LeBlanc was somewhat of a surprise. Filming on Series 24 starts this September, so until then, let’s discuss the best aspects of the now Old-New-New Top Gear.


For me, the best single thing to come out of this season was the Chris Harris Ferrari film from Episode 3. Episode 3 itself was great, perhaps easily the best of the season, but the Ferrari film was especially good for me.


It was Chris Harris driving a classic and a modern Ferrari on a mind-blowingly gorgeous circuit. Except with Top Gear’s budget and editors. It was beautiful.

I think episodes 3 and 6 are easily worth a revisit down the road among some of the other, perhaps more casual Top Gear episodes. Just not among the best, yet. With Evans gone, perhaps we’ll get there next year.

Do you have an episode, film, or some other aspect that you plan to revisit from this season? I think, to my own surprise, there was actually a lot to like. Sound off below with your favorites.

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Musings and drivel incoming:

  1. Sabine best fits as Sabine Strongborn of House Kaiser, Clipper of Apexes, Mother of Stigs, Queen of The Nurburgring And The GT3 Charioteers. She needs more experience in English commentary, and I reckon John Hindhaugh can help out. For now, she can be a recurring host who can participate in new-car challenges and races. Have her do the car vs something races.
  2. Eddie Jordan, on the other hand, best fits in the more typical TG challenges, and he can do reviews of executive saloons.
  3. Of the three Prime Presenters, Harris should lead the charge, of course, and it showed during his F12tdf and Vulcan film. He gets you more than worked up about the cars he reviews; his enthusiasm rubs off on to you. It’s also surprising (read: not really) that the contrarian opinion about the NSX would come from him. It cemented my belief for the car. His review style perfectly fits TG’s cinematography. He’s an amazing reviewer. Rather vexingly, however, we have yet to see him do a challenge.
  4. Matt, on the other hand, has gotten both key gigs: reviews and challenges. And he was beautiful in all his appearances. Sure, he sounds dry and laid-back, but I actually liked it, a sort of James May in a slightly younger body. There’s a fun in him that comes out because he’s a bit deadpan. He’s relaxed, but knows his car, and his takes are grade-A excellent. The best part about him is that he’s easy to build up chemistry on, and this is what the BBC must take note now: You don’t really center the show around him, but you build the rapport between Sabine & LeBlanc, Leblanc & Harris, and Harris & Reid, and Harris & Sabine. Start with those two pairings and work from there.
  5. Rory is the one that needs the next biggest improvement work. His takes are dodgy, in my opinion, either too positive or a bit of a curmudgeon. He has a near-perfect film when he did the hot-hatch group review, but it didn’t realy last long. In Extra Gear, however, he does the News section well, and I reckon his behind-the-scenes tours would make for a great challenge participant.
  6. I give this season a B-, mostly because Ginger. But in reality, there’s great TopGear to be found here. Harris is a maven, Matt is a show, while Sabine has some of that pomp & spice that can give the show a little bit extra, while Rory can best do regular and low-tier cars. We’ll wait for the Grand Tour, which should be a hoot, but it would be best to be a bit more specific in what to change.
  7. To the presenters: OWN THIS SHOW. This is yours, now, TopGear. The chemistry will have to come from you. But I want that chemistry to be yours. That synergy, that bond, I know it will take time and three series, but this combination will be the one that will work best. If they have to be caricatures, then so be it, but be caricatures of yourselves. We can see when you have taken control of the material, and because the solid groundwork has been set, we will absolutely love this edition of TG.
  8. To the audience: stop hating. It doesn’t really help the staff, crew, and presenters. To be fair, the BBC sucks, but those that are actually hands-on in the job of making the show work are disheartened, too. They feel all their work just gets turned to shreds every single week, and it’s not like their work is extremely awful. You’re not doing the Lord’s work when you blather about those three at GT being better. And if you watch TG Mk2's S1 to S4, would you really like it?