What Was Your Childhood Family Car?

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The crossover's replaced the SUV that replaced the minivan that replaced the station wagon that replaced the Conestoga wagon as the preferred method of family transportation. What was your childhood family car?

I'd like to say my family car growing up was an awesome station wagon, or maybe even an era appropriate Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer, but it was something far smaller. My family purchased a 1994 Ford Escort, followed up two years later by a newer 1996 Ford Escort. Both were stripped down models with two doors, rubber bumpers, no right-side mirrors, and five-speed manual transmissions. I traveled many miles in the small backseat of those cars and, though it's given me my natural shifting rhythm, it makes me wonder if those Escorts aren't the reason why I don't have any siblings.

Head in the time machine like Eric Stoltz and bring us back some family memories! Double points for pics.


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