What Was The Worst You've Ever Been Screwed?

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There are plenty of honest car mechanics, salespeople, and parts distributors out there. And then there are those who leave us screwed.


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The worst I ever got screwed was when I ended up with in the back of a cop car for trying to get my Baja Bug towed back onto the road. All I had needed to do was get a tow from a shop up the road, but I ended up waiting on the side of the road for hours for a free tow that ended up costing four figures taking my car to an impound lot in a town I’d never heard of. The whole story is detailed right here if you’re curious, and I don’t mind talking about it because my heavenly State Farm agent got me reimbursed for the whole thing.


What was the worst you’ve ever been screwed?

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Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I once bought a Volkswagen. Everything broke.