What Was The Best Rainy Race Of All Time?

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Photo: Mike Powell (Getty)

Something magical happens when a racing surface gets wet. True talent distinguishes itself from the masses of the mediocre, as the less impressive drivers just entirely forget how to drive. Strategy both flies out the window and becomes the most important thing in the world. Records are set. Legends are made. But what wet race stands at the pinnacle of it all as the best, most exciting, most incredible wet race of all time?

There are some real good ones in Formula One. There was the 2011 Canadian GP, which became the longest race in F1 history, where Jenson Button made an incredible comeback from last to first in just 30 laps. There was Ayrton Senna’s badass drive at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, the one that earned a permanent place in the history books. There was Jackie Stewart with a four-minute lead in the soaked 1968 German Grand Prix. James Hunt winning the 1976 World Championship at drenched Fuji.

Things have been pretty sick over in American open wheel racing, too. The action-packed 1997 Portland Grand Prix. Both Detroit Grands Prix in 2015, where shit got absolutely crazy. Even this year’s Indy GP, with Simon Pagenaud taking an incredible win, was a hell of a time to watch. And don’t even get me started on endurance racing.


But I’m obviously not familiar with every wet race that ever happened—and there are some damn good ones out there that I’m sure I’m missing out on. In your mind, what was the best wet race? And which have been your favorites just because they were so wild?